Staff and Presenter Bios

Kim Blevins-Relleva is a program coordinator for the Museum’s teacher education programs. For seventeen years Kim was the middle school program coordinator and taught history and English at Abintra Montessori School in Nashville, TN.  Kim attended the Belfer Conference in 2006 and became a USHMM Museum Teaching Fellow in 2011. Kim received a BA in history from Appalachian State University, a MA in modern German history from the University of Memphis, and a MEd from Vanderbilt University, and attended the Goethe Institut in Boppard, Germany. She’s also served as an adjunct professor of history at Nashville State Community College. Kim can be contacted at

Gretchen Skidmore is the Museum’s Director of Education Initiatives. Since joining the staff in 2004, she has created programming and resources for both the visiting public and specialized audiences including military and government leaders.  She has produced numerous films, facilitated programs and workshops for professionals both nationally and internationally, created Museum resources and developed key institutional partnerships that have supported the U.S. government’s mandate to train government leaders about genocide prevention.  Before joining the Museum’s staff, she was a member of the humanities faculty at the North Carolina School for Science and Mathematics in Durham, North Carolina, and served as an adjunct professor of English at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina. She received a BA in German and history from West Virginia University and an MA in modern European history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

David Klevan is Education Outreach Specialist in the Levine Institute for Holocaust Education at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. He supports the Museum’s education initiatives through the development of educational resources and programs for a diverse group of audiences. Mr. Klevan specializes in experiential learning in online and digital learning environments, the most recent of which is the Museum’s citizen history project, History Unfolded: US Newspapers and the Holocaust. During his 25 year tenure at the Museum, Mr. Klevan oversaw development of the Museum’s first mobile app, supervised social media outreach, and played a critical role in the development and implementation of the Museum’s flagship partnership programs with Law Enforcement officers and the Washington, DC area schools. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (1990) and his master’s degree in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (2004).

Chelsea Halling-Nye is the Program Assistant for Education Initiatives in the Levine Institute for Holocaust Education. She provides logistical assistance for various educator programs and supports financial and data tracking within the initiatives. Chelsea holds a BA in Sociology from Utah State University and an MA in American Studies from the George Washington University. Prior to working at the museum, she served as the Program Associate for Strategic Enrollment Initiatives at GWU, and worked as a Legislative Correspondent for the United States Senate.

JoAnna Wasserman is the Museum’s Education Initiatives Manager, managing audience outreach and the creation of educational resources and programs rooted in the Museum’s thematic initiatives. A Museum staff member since 2004, she has developed programs and resources for the public, families, teachers, students, college youth, and specialized professional audiences. She received a BA in communication from the University of Pennsylvania and an MAT from the George Washington University’s Museum Education Program. Prior to the Museum, she worked at Grey Worldwide, an advertising agency in New York.

Dr. William Frederick Meinecke Jr. is a historian at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. He received his undergraduate degree in German and history from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, in 1983. He attended the universities of Bonn and Berlin in Germany and received his M.A. (1988) and Ph.D. (1998) in history from the University of Maryland at College Park. The title of his dissertation was Conflicting Loyalties: The Supreme Court in Weimar and Nazi Germany 1918-1945. In 1992 Meinecke joined the staff of the Museum’s Wexner Learning Center to help design a multimedia program on the Holocaust, the Historical Atlas of the Holocaust (book and CD-ROM), and a website for students. Since 2000, Meinecke has worked with law enforcement officers, judges, prosecutors, and attorneys in the Museum’s Law, Justice, and the Holocaust training program. His book, Nazi Ideology and the Holocaust, was published by the Museum in December 2007.

Rebecca Erbelding has been an archivist, curator, and historian at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for fifteen years. She holds a PhD in American history from George Mason University. Her first book, Rescue Board: The Untold Story of America’s Efforts to Save the Jews of Europe, was published by Doubleday in April 2018.

Daniel Greene (PhD, University of Chicago) is adjunct professor of history at Northwestern University and guest curator of Americans and the Holocaust, an exhibition that opened in April 2018 at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC. His book The Jewish Origins of Cultural Pluralism: The Menorah Association and American Diversity (Indiana University Press, 2011) won the American Jewish Historical Society’s Saul Viener Prize in American Jewish history in 2012. He’s the co-author of Home Front: Daily Life in the Civil War North (University of Chicago Press, 2013), which accompanied a co-organized exhibition between the Newberry Library and the Terra Foundation for American Art. Greene was appointed to the Organization of American Historian’s Distinguished Lecturer Program in 2015, and he serves on the board of directors of the Center for New Deal Studies at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Ron Coleman is the acting Chief Archivist at the Museum, and has been a reference and research librarian at the Museum since 2003. He was a 2016 European Holocaust Research Infrastructure Fellow, and has presented internationally on his work with archival collections about Quaker rescue and relief activities. He is the recipient of multiple institutional awards and is widely recognized within the community of Holocaust scholars for his expertise, particularly on the refugee experience. He has an undergraduate degree in History, Literature, and Philosophy from West Virginia Wesleyan College, and a Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

Christina Chavarría is a Program Coordinator in the Levine Institute for Holocaust Education at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, where she has worked since December 2006.  She has represented the Museum in the US, Europe, Latin America, Israel, and Japan. She holds a BA and MA in comparative literature from the University of Dallas. Her interests lie in Holocaust literature, engaging new audiences and partners, and studying and disseminating information on the impact and history of the Holocaust in the Ibero-American world.  She has forged relationships for the Museum with organizations such as the College Board and the US Department of Education. Christina is currently working on AP US History lessons as part of the Americans and the Holocaust initiative.  

Christina is currently running the Conference for Holocaust Education Centers, bringing education staff from eleven centers to the Museum in May 2018.  She ran the Museum’s Belfer National Conference and Holocaust Institute for Teacher Educators for six years. She also managed outreach projects for the Museum Teacher Fellows for six years. Previously, Christina served as Director of Education at Holocaust Museum Houston for six and a half years.  Prior to that, she was a high school English teacher for eight years in El Paso, Texas, her city of birth.


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